EcoGraf is advancing its battery recycling business after successful purification of anode material from lithium-ion batteries.

In conjunction with the extensive growth in lithium-ion battery use and manufacturing for electric vehicles and energy storage, recycling of batteries and battery materials has become a major environmental and economic concern for both government and industry.


  • Significant results up to 100% carbon achieved from EcoGrafTM purification of production battery anode scrap generated through the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries support the potential to re-use in the battery to reduce battery production costs
  • Positive results of up to 99.8% Carbon have been achieved with European customers on the recovery of high purity carbon anode material from black mass material
  • Engineering design commenced to develop to containerised pilot plant targeting an annual rate of up to 1,000 tonnes carbon anode material
  • Results demonstrate potential to re-use recovered high purity battery anode material in the higher priced industrial natural and synthetic graphite markets
  • Testwork remains ongoing with significant interest from customers, including leading electric vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturers and battery recyclers
  • EcoGraf™ results confirm the opportunity to support electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturers achieve sustainable closed-loop manufacturing
  • World Bank report highlights the importance of recycling to support the transition to renewable energy, with Bloomberg forecasting recycling market to be worth US$18 billion by 2030
  • Funding to be sourced from the company’s existing R&D advanced finding and pursuing partnership with end customers
  • Pilot to provide carbon anode material required for the expected product qualification process which includes reuse into to the lithium-ion battery supply chain and industrial carbon markets.
  • Plant to provide customised mobile solution to support electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturers achieve sustainable closed-loop manufacturing and lower carbon emissions through greater recycling
EcoGraf's recycling programs have demonstrated excellent recoveries

Environmental Benefits

Recycling of carbon anode material has an important role to reduce carbon emissions, given the lithium-ion battery represents over 40% of the carbon (CO2) emission footprint of EV production.

Unique Opportunity – Blended Anode Material

Government and industry are actively working to establish effective recycling processes to improve waste recovery, with Bloomberg forecasting the battery recycling market to reach US$18 billion over the next decade.

The Company’s recycling strategy provides a unique opportunity to blend its high purity battery graphite with the recovered carbon anode materials to support these efforts.