Anode recycling

EcoGraf™ purification technology with sector leading ESG credentials.

The addition of EcoGraf’s recycling application, using its HFfree™ proprietary purification process, provides a unique and vertically integrated business that meets the new age requirements for raw materials. 

Clean and Green

EcoGraf™ believes this recycling capability will fundamentally change the dynamics of the battery supply chain, leading to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and lowering overall battery production costs.

Recycling provides an opportunity to support electric vehicle and battery manufacturers achieve sustainable, closed-loop manufacturing processes as part of the global effort to develop a circular economy through zero-waste batteries to address the growing environmental costs from end-of-life batteries and to improve battery manufacturing efficiencies.

New legislation requires increasing battery recycling and EcoGraf purification enables customers to recover and re-use anode material, lowering battery costs and CO2 emissions

RecoBAM™ recycled, high purity anode material

RecoBAM™ is the recovered carbon anode material product using EcoGraf’s HFfree™ processing technology and contains both natural battery graphite and synthetic graphite.

RecoBAM combines the benefits of both synthetic and natural graphite whilst significantly lowering CO2 eq. per kg CSPG.

Key environmental aspects

  • Successful application of the EcoGraf™ purification technique to recover carbon anode material from lithium-ion battery production waste and end-of-life batteries
  • Opportunity to support global battery recycling initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions from the manufacture of electric vehicles and to lower battery life cycle costs, and
  • Enables electric vehicle and battery manufacturers to adopt closed- loop supply chains to maximise production efficiencies and meet stringent legislative requirements for recycling.