19 / June 2019

Respected Barry Fitzgerald reported this week “Kibaran distinguished itself from the pack

Kibaran’s  EcoGraf Lithium Valley announcement last week outlining the development of production of battery graphite in Kwinana, Western Australia is the Company’s third pillar of value as part of its multi-hub battery graphite development strategy.
The flow of global news in the EV industry continues to build and is supportive of Kibaran’s integrated upstream and downstream graphite businesses plans.

Respected Barry Fitzgerald reported “as an aside, Kibaran distinguished itself from the pack earlier this week by unveiling plans for a US$23m graphite-processing plant at Kwinana in WA.

Central to the proposition is its patented EcoGraf technology which does away with the use of particularly nasty hydroflouric acid in the purification process. While it is working on a graphite mine development in Tanzania, feedstock for the Kwinana plant could be sourced from anywhere.”