20 / May 2022

EcoGraf (EGR) has commenced an assessment of expansion options for its 100 per cent owned TanzGraphite flake graphite business. The company said the review is in response to growing demand for new high quality graphite supplies and an increasingly positive investment environment in Tanzania. Key priorities include identifying the preferred expansion pathway for the Epanko graphite project and supporting government plans for development of the Merelani-Arusha Graphite Province through the Merelani-Arusha graphite project.

12 / May 2022

From the outside, it may seem very quiet around the Australian graphite company EcoGraf ( WKN A2PW0M / ASX EGR ) , but in the background the company management around Managing Director Andrew Spinks is pushing ahead with the development of the EcoGraf Battery Anode Material (BAM) plant at full speed.

14 / April 2022

Andrew Spinks is the CEO of a company called EcoGraf. ASX: EGR is the code, and what they are about is graphite. They’ve got some nickel, or at least what they call nickel data, which is some tenements in Tanzania nickel, they’re demerging that, they’re piping that off so that they focus the company on graphite.

10 / January 2022

EcoGraf Limited ( ASX: EGR, FRA: FMK ) is working flat out to finalize the studies and documentation required to submit a formal building permit for the proposed battery anode facility in Kwinana, Australia.

22 / December 2021

Where 2020 was all about gold, palladium and iron ore, 2021 has been dominated by the EV thematic.
Battery metals prices posted strong year-to-date gains across the board.

6 / December 2021

EcoGraf (EGR) has confirmed its patent for HFfree purification technology has been accepted by the Australian Government Patent Office

  • EcoGraf (EGR) has confirmed its patent for HFfree purification technology has been accepted by the Australian Government Patent Office
  • The company claims the technology allows for batteries to be produced in a more environmentally friendly way
  • Before the company is granted a patent, other parties have the opportunity to oppose the decision, however, less than two percent of accepted standard applications are opposed
  • The company says it is also applying to register several trademarks to provide a clear market recognition of EcoGraf’s products for a global customer base

25 / November 2021

The popular graphite/ battery anode stock is in off-take discussions with Korean battery behemoth POSCO.

EGR calls it a “non-binding Memorandum of Understanding” which doesn’t mean a whole lot except negotiations have begun.

25 / November 2021

ASX-listed EcoGraf has struck a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Korean major POSCO that would see EcoGraf supporting POSCO’s anode production expansion plans by supplying battery anode material products from its new Australian battery anode material facility and its planned facility in Europe.

25 / October 2021

EcoGraf’s share price surged 32 percent on Thursday after the WA-based company announced it would enter a formal offtake agreement with South Korean steelmaker Posco.

20 / October 2021

This is considered to be a critical milestone for EcoGraf, which is in the process of finalizing construction plans for its new state-of-the-art battery anode material facility in Kwinana Western Australia, fed by its Epanko Graphite Project in Tanzania.

18 / October 2021

EcoGraf (EGR) has completed a product qualification program for a major anode producer.

Testing was undertaken by a prospective customer to assess the product ahead of production at EGR’s new battery anode material facility in WA.

EcoGraf says the product sample not only satisfied the anode producer’s specifications, but also outperformed against reference materials in half-cell electrochemical testing.

30 / July 2021

The Australian Export Credit Agency is set to lend Ecograf (EGR) US$35 million to fund the expansion of its Battery Anode Material Facility in Western Australia.


29 / July 2021

The graphite company is on the way to opening to a new facility in Australia.


27 / July 2021

EcoGraf called the result a ‘significant achievement,’ with the purification process upgrading the test material to 99.98% carbon.

The hot interest in stocks operating in the lithium-ion battery supply chain propelled EGR shares 300% year-to-date.


14 / July 2021

The graphite company is on the way to opening to a new facility in Australia.


14 / July 2021

A key objective of the joint mechanical shaping program was to ensure the new EcoGraf Battery Anode Material Facility has maximum flexibility to efficiently produce a range of products to satisfy customer requirements.


8 / June 2021

EcoGraf (ASX:EGR) is one of only a few Aussie graphite stocks left standing strong after the last graphite boom went bust around 2017.

The company kept working hard. Now it’s perfectly primed to take advantage of this avalanche of projected demand with three standalone businesses – mining, processing and recycling.