About EcoGraf

Developing a Vertically Integrated HFfree Battery Anode Material Business

EcoGraf is building a vertically integrated battery anode materials business to produce high purity graphite products for the lithium-ion battery and advanced manufacturing markets. Over US$30 million has been invested to date to create a highly attractive mining and mineral processing graphite business.

In Tanzania, the Company is developing the TanzGraphite natural flake graphite business, commencing with the Epanko Graphite Project, to provide a long-term, scalable supply of feedstock for the EcoGraf™ battery anode material processing facilities, together with high quality large flake graphite products for industrial applications.

Using a superior, environmentally responsible EcoGraf HFfree™ purification technology, the Company plans to produce high performance battery anode material to support electric vehicle, battery and anode manufacturers in Asia, Europe and North America as the world transitions to clean, renewable energy.

In addition, EcoGraf’s breakthrough recovery of battery anode material using its EcoGraf™ purification process will enable battery supply chain customers to reduce their CO2 emissions and lower battery costs.

Structural shortage looming: Demand and Supply

EV adoption rates are forecast to increase demand for lithium-ion batteries with BMI forecasting the market to grow at a CAGR of 23.9% over the next 10 years.

  • New markets for EV driving forecast demand above existing and new sources of supply
  • Benchmark Mineral Intelligence forecast that planned capacity and projects in development will not be able to meet forecast demand as soon as 2025

EcoGraf value Proposition


  • Demonstrated superior performance of Tanzanian natural graphite through mechanical shaping, purification and electrochemical testing
  • Independent electrochemical testing by major anode producer confirms Epanko graphite outperforms existing battery anode material from China

Processing Technology

  • Patent pending EcoGraf HFfree™ purification process

Production Consistency

  • New international standard flake graphite ore processing, mechanical shaping and purification facilities that satisfy production performance testing by independent engineers appointed by lenders


  • Independent ISO compliant Life Cycle Analysis demonstrates reduction of >92% of existing CO2 footprint through HFfree purification, hydropower and EcoGraf recycling
  • Equator Principles Compliance, meeting International Finance Corporation Performance Standards and World Bank Group Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines


  • Capability to produce variable product sizes (typical d50 of 16 micron and 10 micron) for alternative space and energy density specifications
  • Optimised mine to market supply chain, with Tanzanian logistics hub supporting localised production facilities in Australasia, Europe and North America

Cost Efficiency

  • Cost savings though elimination of environmentally unsustainable hydrofluoric acid, use of clean, renewable energy, centralised transport logistics and HFfree anode material recycling to drive down cradle-to-grave operating costs