The Company’s vertical integrated developments are positioned for the shift to increasing demand for ethical raw material and sustainable energy as the world transitions to electrical vehicles and energy storage.

Ethical Supply Chain

The Company is focused on ensuring responsible and sustainable supply chains.

  • Epanko development meets the Equator Principles standards and achieved the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards and World Bank Group Environmental, Health & Safety Guidelines
  • EcoGraf process was developed with a clear strategy of developing an eco-friendly purification process as alternative to the existing supply which uses Hydrofluoric acid.

The Company is committed to evaluate renewable energy sources for both developments to contribute to a low carbon environment.



EcoGraf Limited is committed to building lasting social partnerships and benefits for the local community. TanzGraphite will transform the financial and social orientation for the Mahenge region. It will provide a strong multiplier effect across the economy, with an estimated US$3 billion of additional indirect economic benefits. The new manufacturing technology will provide a platform to develop in the fastest growing global tech sector and provide 64% of economic returns to Tanzania. Below are some initiatives to date:


Kibaran is a founding donor to Bridge2Aid Australia which commenced last year. The charity is now up and running, with several Australian volunteer dentists already to Tanzania in May this year.

Sponsorship of Local Youth – Training & Employment within the Local Community

A screening process was conducted by Kibaran identifying 32 youth in the projects catchment area and as a result has sponsored 6 youths that have passed the VETA entrance exam to attend VETA in Ifakara for 2 years. VETA is akin to TAFE in Australia. Half of the group are completing fitter/mechanics, several are doing carpentry and a others are doing masonry/bricklaying. The intent being to offer them a job when they have completed their course. Employment opportunities within the local community will continue to grow as our project progresses.


Keep-A-Girl in School

In terms of hygiene and health, the Company donated 12 months’ supply of female hygiene products to every girl at both Nawenge Secondary School and Celina Kombani Secondary School under the banner of Keep A-Girl-In-School. Feedback from both schools showed an increase in attendance of the girls at school and an increase in academic performance.

School Donations

Socks for Schools initiative, initiated by Mr Mark Ould of Malibu Podiatry in Western Australia and supported by other WA podiatrists continued this year. The socks were distributed by Kibaran to children in various secondary schools in the Ulanga District along with footballs and netballs. Cement was donated to Ulanga Secondary School to assist with construction of classrooms.